Thursday, February 28, 2008

New year, new site, new gallery, new stuff.

Wow. I never meant to take so long to update this page. The blog debuted just before the holidays. Right after that, I went to work on preparing for this year's wedding season. Somewhere in the middle of that exercise, I started remodeling the website to provide more detail and pricing on my service offering, and to make some improvements to the gallery.

Fast forward two months and now all that work is done. I'm really excited about my new logo, printed advertising, the website changes, and the new gallery layout. For wedding services, it's now easy to find complete information on our wedding offering, directly from the website. Individual images, and samples of two-page album spreads can be viewed in the gallery section. The booking tools allow a prospective client to check what days we have available, and to contact me directly to set up a consultation. I want to provide as much information as I can, to help couples understand, completely, what we have to offer. The images galleries will be updated periodically to reflect our latest events. Of course, this is the place you can read about it first. I'll also be adding a FAQ based on real questions I receive from clients.

The wedding images is just one of two galleries. The other (see the link in the sidebar) is a much larger gallery that covers a variety of subjects. What's posted there now is just the beginning. I have a large collection of photos of legendary jazz musicians in action on stage. Over the coming weeks, these images will make their way to the gallery. This is also my stock photo gallery. Most of the images are available for purchase as fine art prints. They can also be licensed for personal or commercial use (most musician images excluded). I couldn't be more excited about building up this portion of the gallery.

I can also get back to providing you with updates on the latest techniques, tools, and trends in this rapidly evolving world of photography. Some of them are already on display in the new gallery. Check it out when you get a chance. I'd love to get your feedback.

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