Sunday, August 31, 2008

New generations inspire change in older ones

Portrait photography of children and infants has never been something I've focused on professionally. No particular reason why, I just never really sought out those clients. Thanks to one very special young man, I think that's about to change. That young man's name is Jaiden (pronounced JAY-den).

Jaiden is a very energetic young man, with a lot of high expectations, and limitless opportunities. I met him very early on the morning of August 30th. It was 1:18am, to be exact. That was the time that Jaiden Elijah Kidd, my first grandchild, said hello to the world. Both Jaiden and his mother are just now going to sleep, spending their first night at home. Us grandparents are trying to get our sleep back to normal cycles while figuring out what we want to be called. Neither of us is thrilled with "Grandma and Grandpa". No matter, we figure we have some time before he starts talking.

I managed to maintain enough composure to photograph most of the adventure. I couldn't have it be said that out of two photographers, neither was able to pull it together and get some meaningful photos. Besides, my gift to my daughter and Jaiden will be a book of those moments leading up to, and following, that first shared experience for the two of them. For me, it was thrilling to capture it all, and even more thrilling, seeing what I had captured. The experience has given me a perspective I feel very eager to develop further; not just with Jaiden, but with other families with infant children as well.

Where this will lead, I honestly don't know. It could become a part of our general practice and service offering, or it could be a service provided to only one client; Jaiden. Only time will tell. I know this much, capturing those priceless moments, and raw emotions, is as important and exciting as any wedding we've ever shot.

As far as the book goes, it will no doubt be the first of many. as Cassandra and I plan to take an "old school" approach to the capture of these memories, and put them in a medium that is not subject to disc failures, viruses, hard drive crashes, or obsolete technology. With a book, all you need to enjoy it is decent eyesight, a lap, and some time. Jaiden's photos online

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