Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Krystle and Freddy - Classic High School Sweethearts

There is something unmistakably special about a wedding where the couple has been together since high school. Krystle and Freddy’s wedding was one of those occasions. Surrounded by family and long-time friends, the couple’s ceremony was held close to where the two of them grew up. The Hawaiian theme was complemented by a fortunate break in the weather, making it a very comfortable day for all.

Following a simple, elegant ceremony at Central Peninsula Church, the festivities moved to the Foster City Recreation Center, located on the shoreline of one of the many canals that thread through the city. Classmates and friends did a fantastic job of decorating the spacious hall, and the backdrop of the shoreline was spectacular.

We went to a lighting technique that used much more indirect lighting, giving most of the images a much softer look. The engagement session we did earlier in the year paid big dividends with a much more relaxed groom in front of the camera as Freddy played into Krystle’s playful, mischievous side. The resulting images were outstanding. We’re still working on the Animoto slide show for the day.

We’re also checking out a new online proofing site. So far, I really like what I see from Collages.net. The display for viewers in the webshow is quite an improvement over our previous site. The sample site isn’t available there yet. Meanwhile, check out a small collection from the day at our Image Gallery.

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