Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wrap-up from WPPI

It's all over. The vendors have packed up their booths. The Master Classes and Platform Classes are over. A week of learning, exploring, discovering and revitalizing for the practitioners of the the personal side of the photograpy industry. This conference is focused on wedding and portrait photographers. We are the ones that capture your personal moments. We are in some form or another your personal historians. 

Over the course of the week masters of the craft shared some of their secrets, motivation, techniques, and style. The challenge for the attendees is now to go home, review what they have learned and use that to create their own personal style. It is that last piece that distinguishes those of us from the rest.

One theme emerged as a constant thread. Digital cameras have given everyone the ability to take pictures. The average person does not hire a photographer to take pictures. Unfortunately, a great many "photographers" simply do just that; take pictures. A true photographer is supposed to create art. The creation of art is what we must return to. In order to do that, we must return to the fundamentals. We must turn off some of the automation that has made us lazy and go back to creating images that do not require massive amounts of tinkering in Photoshop.

We also must present  these works of art to our clients is something with lot more longevity than a plastic disc. We must create images, wall art, and books that can be passed along to generations of families to share in the memorable moments of our lives.

In short, we have to return to being the professionals clients turn to when they want something special. Something more than a picture taken by Uncle Harry who has a big camera that can be printed at Walgreens or posted on Facebook.

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